Friday, 13 January 2012

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust - Portraits

A couple of weekends ago, at a loose end, I paid another visit to the London Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust in Barnes.  My visit was full of hope that I would see the illusive Bittern but, again, no, it was not playing along.

That said, the Wetlands centre always has something to offer including, this visit, a rather devious Grey Squirrel, desperately trying to gain access to the peanuts caged in the bird feeders.  Long story short, it failed.  Credit where it's due though, it had a good go. 


As there wasn't a lot of wild birds to be seen, I decided to head over to the resident geese in the area towards the World Wetlands to try my hand at close ups and portraits, with mixed results. This is a selection of my best shots.

Then, suddenly, a meteor started to fall from the sky!  Luckily, for all around, this Eider duck spotted it and warned everyone else.


  1. I was torn between the first goose and its ripples and the two eiders. On balance, the ripples get my vote. That wasn't a meteorite the eider was pointing to - it was one of those diving Egyptian geese I warned you about. It must have just missed you.

    1. Either way, a narrow escape. Maybe that's what the geese were doing in Richmond Park... waiting for me!

      The ripples shot is my favourite as well.


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