Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nature at its finest, and harshest

After a day of watching rugby and post-match "refreshments", Kelly and I decided that Sunday should include a serene walk around the wetlands centre.

Between the rain showers, it was actually quite a nice day. There were the usual moorhens and coots milling around and, as walked over to the reservoir lagoon, we spotted a couple of Great-Crested Grebe's.

They were looking for fish and having a bit of a dive but no fish, that we saw, were caught.

While trying to spot a bird that was singing away in a tree, I happened to look up and saw a juvenille Blue Tit watching me.

From something so cute, Kelly then spotted the crueller side of nature; a Common Wasp trapped in a Green Orb-weaver spider's web.  We watched, as the spider slowly gained confidence to approach its monsterously large prospective meal, and start to bind it's legs together.  It's not hard to guess what the final outcome was but I think it's safe to say that the meal will last this little spider quite a few days.

To finish our visit, we went back to watching the cuter side of nature, with some baby Whistling Ducks.


  1. Last shot is beautiful beyond words...

  2. The first photograph is really nice and clean, good shot!

  3. Apostrophe catastrophe!
    I love the grebes. For some unknown reason they're one of my favourite birds. The duckling has cute to the nth degree; it even looks as though it's whistling!



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